Recently, in a local cycle club there was a debate about why you didn’t need a coach to get fit, rather just use programmes such as TrainerRoad or Zwift. A lot of the commenters felt that they weren’t good enough to benefit from a coach or didn’t ride enough, but for me, that’s not seeing the bigger picture. 

Getting a coach can bring so many other benefits; whether you ride 2 times a week or 6.

It’s personalised for you! Working with a coach means you get a programme that not only works with your time commitments but also can focus on your specific weaknesses. Meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck than generic programmes. 

There’s a real person at the end of the phone! If you’re struggling with juggling life and training or really anything else, I’m just a phone call away and can alter your training as necessary. 

It’s not just about the training, my experience as an athlete means I can see the big picture; from planning race days to getting the most out of a recovery week. You’re getting my years of experience when we work together

And finally, it’s more fun with someone cheering you on and supporting you. I can help you through the challenges and celebrate your successes!

If you’d like more information, please get in touch and book a call in to find out more!

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