Here at KSU Coaching our motto is more than just a catchphrase, it’s our mantra in the good times and the bad. It’s our firm belief that no matter who you are; as long as you keep showing up, you’ll improve as an athlete and achieve your goals.

A Personal Approach to Coaching

  • We’re here for you! Here at KSU Coaching we want you to get the most out of your time on the bike.
  • Time on the bike is precious, with hectic work schedules and even busier home lives, sometimes training can feel like it’s at the bottom of the list.
  • We can help you balance training for your goals with your lifestyle, and we’ll work closely together to help your dreams become reality.

Individual Training Programmes

  • Every athlete is an individual and as a result here at KSU Coaching no two training programmes are the same, we understand everyone has different goals and time availability.
  • Like with all elements of life, training is a balance, we’ll work with your likes and dislikes of training and we’re firm believers in keeping the fun in training, a happy rider is a fast rider after all.

Support to Achieve your Goals

  • Your goals are what drive you train, and our expert coaches are here to support you and help you achieve your dreams.
  • Nutrition is a major part of success on the bike and we can offer guidance on how best to support your training with correct fuelling and have access to a qualified sports nutritionist.
  • It’s not just time on the bike that makes a well-rounded rider, complementary strength and conditioning can also help you make gains. We can offer advice and help combine this with your on-bike training. Our YouTube channel has some great resources for warm-ups and recovery sessions alongside stand alone sessions for every rider.

Multi Discipline Coaching

  • Part of what makes cycling fun is the variety of disciplines on offer and here at KSU Coaching we’re qualified to coach in a number of different disciplines, whether that’s one-on-one skills sessions of understanding how to balance a road and cyclocross season, we’ve got you covered.

“Rachel gave me a great introduction to MTB skills. After a few sessions I was feeling confident enough to take on trail centre red routes. The sessions were really fun as well. I still hear her voice in my ear when I ride!”

Sarah G.

“I loved the introduction to MTB skills training, the course was run at a good pace with great explanations, I very quickly gained confidence and a great big grin. I would definitely sign up for more, what I learnt in half a day was invaluable.”

Carol B.

Head Coach: Rachel Connerney MSc


  • I’ve raced in multiple disciples from the Gran Fondo World Championships to Cross Country Mountain Biking. This multi-discipline approach has allowed me to appreciate multiple aspects of the sport and how to adapt to each discipline’s unique training requirements.
  • My racing experience has helped me further understand what makes an athlete-coach relationship thrive. From the highs of winning races to the lows of injury and training through the COVID pandemic, we need differing things from coaches at different times.
  • In addition, my time in the equestrian world also allowed for a different perspective on performance and coaching, which helps me bring a fresh outlook to on bike coaching.
  • For many years, I worked as an business analyst and I bring all the knowledge of this field to my coaching and I’m well versed in turning data into insight and using that to help you improve and reach your goals


  • Level 3 British Cycling Coach
  • Level 2 British Cycling Cyclocross Coach
  • Level 2 British Cycling Mountain Bike Coach
  • Fundamentals of Mountain Leadership
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine: Empowering the Athlete
  • UK Coaching: How to Coach
  • UK Coaching: Inspiring Positive Behaviour in Sport
  • UK Coaching: Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity+
  • UKAD Clean Sport Advisor


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