Not ready for full-time coaching but want to take your cycling performance to the next level? Our training plans can give you workouts, guidance, and training tips that will lead you to a successful event or race.

This Months Featured Training Plan

Dirty Reiver

£4800One Off
  • Signed up for the Dirty Reiver gravel grinder? Start your journey to success and beating those time cut-offs here
  • This training plan will prepare you for the UK’s toughest gravel grinder, the Dirty Reiver. The plan is designed for an intermediate cyclist who already has a general level of fitness and is ready to step up the hours, time, and intensity to prepare for this event. It includes specific training cycles with threshold testing throughout and an event taper at the end. Workouts are progressive and designed to push you to your peak!
  • • Typical week: Monday off; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1.5- to 2.5-hour workouts; Friday easy; Saturday, Sunday volume days
  • • Progressive schedule with rest week every fourth week
  • • Testing included to assure accurate training
  • • This plan is built with for you to use with a power meter; but we also have a Heart Rate based training plan available too
  • • The workouts are fully structured and compatible with smart trainers and most on bike devices
  • • The volume of training is typically 8-10hrs per week
  • • Structured workouts can be automatically exported to Garmin, your trainer, or other device for on-screen guidance as you train.