As Easter rolled around it was time for our annual training camp, we’ve done Mallorca and Calpe in the past. So time for somewhere new – and Gran Canaria got the thumbs up from everyone. I didn’t know much apart from it was a traditional holiday destination, but once we started looking at the climbs the small island had to offer we were excited! 

We stayed in the slightly smaller resort of Playa de Mogan. As a volcanic island as soon as you left the coast, it was straight up and up and then up some more. We had ear marked a few of the famous climbs to tick off, but on our first reconnaissance mission, it became clear that a key road was shut, and not due to open till the summer months, meaning that some of the major climbs were somewhat inaccessible to us – what a shame! This didn’t stop us, and we made the best of the routes that were available to us, including the utterly fantastic Serenity climb – the first time we found it, we had to descend it, and the view from the top took us totally by surprise! What a road! We couldn’t wait to climb it the next day.


The climb’s stats are almost Alpine, 8.5km with an average gradient of 6.5% – this was my sort of climb! But the views! Wow the views were incredible, such big vistas for a small island. It was such a shame we couldn’t explore the island to its fullest, and we most certainly will be back!