Climbing doesn’t have to fill you with dread! We’ve all been there, being defeated by a climb can make our confidence feel super low. But there’s some easy ways to improve our hill climbing technique and feel strong on the bike. Here’s some top tips to help you improve when the road get steeper:

Know your Nemesis!

Train your weaknesses! If climbing is your weakness; then don’t avoid the hills. Make it your goal to climb more on each ride.

Although they are a tough workout, hill repeats are a great way to improve, even for the time crunched athlete. Try riding out to your local climb, and then do as many repeats as you feel able, next week add 1-2 repetitions on top of this base number.

Strong Body!

It’s important in all areas of cycling to have a strong body but more so when climbing. Ensure you keep up with annual bike fits and keep those niggles under control.

Strong Mind!

Be positive, try having a mantra to repeat to yourself when things get tough, and don’t let the negative thoughts take control.

Fuel the Fire!

If it’s been a while since you last ate or you’re about to hit a longer climb, then it’s time to eat. Have a small carb-based snack before you start climbing and fuel that work.

Pace Yourself!

We’ve all done it, hit the bottom of the climbs super fast, and then struggled to maintain that speed to the top, grovelling all the way. But the smart thing to do is to set a more achievable pace from the bottom and settle into the rhythm of the climb.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice climbing all sorts of hills, from short & steep to long & shallow and everything in between. Practice different styles of climbing, in and out the saddle, sat down, fast or slow cadence.

The more you climb, the better you’ll get! Keep Showing Up and you’ll achieve your goals

If you want some more help with your climbing, or would like some information, then book a chat with our expert coach, to find out how you can improve.